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[March 9, 2021] Improving our Data and Understanding of Muslims in Canada

This webinar shares how MiCDI's inaugural project can help improve the data and understanding of Muslims in Canada.


In the second webinar of a two-part series, researchers from the newly launched Muslims in Canada Data Initiative (MiCDI) share the opportunities and projects that can help improve our data and understanding of Muslims in Canada.

In this webinar, Dr. Sarah Shah and Dr. Keith Neuman will share research findings about the effects of critical missing data, and how an upcoming Environics Survey - the inaugural project of MiCDI - is a timely opportunity to improve our data on Muslims through long-term analysis.

  • Dr. Sarah Shah – Research Fellow, Institute of Islamic Studies, U of T

  • Dr. Keith Neuman – Ph.D, Senior Associate, Environics Institute

Following the speakers, there will be a panel discussion and Q&A hosted by Professor Anver Emon (Director, Institute of Islamic Studies).

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